“Error optimizing config” – antiwirus related problem

This error is related to the antivirus software blocking the file override. This error may not appear to everyone, however we will explain here how to fix it.

Adding the installationf folder of the SmoothWizard to exclusions in Windows Defender

To add a folder to the exclusions in Windows Defender, we have to search for “Windows Security” and click “Manage Settings” next.

There, we scroll to the very bottom and search for “Exclusions” and “Add or remove exclusions”.

We click “Add an exclusion” and next we choose Folder from the drop-down menu and we look for the installation forlder for SmoothWizard app.

If You did not select your own location during the installation proccess, the application should be located at C:\Program Files\SmoothWizard

When we add the folder to exclusions, we may now boot up the app again and the problem should be fixed.

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