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Dear User!

We treat Your privacy very diligently. Underlined here You can find the most important information regarding the processing of Your personal data and Cookies that we utilise. This outline was prepared in accordance with GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation.


Artur Spychalski, CEO of a sole proprietorship under the name SkullMedia Artur Spychalski, registered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity run by the Minister of Development and Finance, NIP 5922292367, REGON 524191477.


Upon creating a User Account and to use SmoothWizard’s services, the user will be asked to provide their personal information.

Said personal information is processed by SmoothWizard for the purpose of the Shop and provided services (“Services”).

Purpose of Data Processing:

Depending on the chosen service, the purpose may be:

-Activating app licence with the API and the app

-Order execution and delivery

-Sending newsletter e-mails

Basis of Data Processing:

-Sales Contract (article 6 sec. 1 lit. b GDPR)

-Legal obligations, e.g. banking and accounting (article 6 sec. 1 lit. c GDPR)

-User’s personal agreement in the Shop (article 6 sec. 1 lit. a GDPR)

-Service Contract (article 6 sec. 1 lit. b GDPR)

-SmoothWizard’s legitimate interest in order to establish, pursue or defend claims (article 6 sec. 1 lit. f GDPR)

Data Submission:

Data submission is entirely voluntary but potentially mandatory for finalising a contract or providing an offer.

Result of Denial of Data Submission:

Depending on the reason behind the request to submit the personal data:

-Denial of registration a user in the Shop

-Denial of providing services in the Shop

-Denial of purchasing products in the Shop

-Denial of receiving newsletter and marketing or promotional information offered by the Shop

Withdrawal from Data Processing:

-at any time, at the request of the user

Data processing will proceed in accordance to law until the withdrawal from the User.


The personal data will be processed only for the period of time in which SmoothWizard has a legitimate reason, which is until:

-SmoothWizard will no longer be under law obligation to process the data

-the pursuance of claims related to the contract established through the Shop is ceased by either of the parties

-the withdrawal of agreement for data processing (if this was the basis for data processing)

In dependance of the variables in current and future situations.


While processing personal data, we are utilising administrative and technical measures in accordance with law.


The user has the right to demand:

-Access to their personal data

-Sorting their personal data

-Deleting their personal data

-Limiting the processing of their personal data

As well as the right to:

-withdrawal from their data from processing

-demand a change of the administrator of their personal data

The user is requested to contact SmoothWizard to capitalise on any of those rights.

If the user is in belief that their data is being processed unlawfully, they may submit a complaint to the supervisory authority.


SmoothWizard’s Shop, like the majority of websites, utilises cookie files (cookies). Those files:

-are being saved in the memory of the User’s device (computer, mobile phone, etc.)

-allow, among others, using all of the Shop’s features

-are not causing any changes in the setting of the device

Utilising respective options in the browser the user is, at any time, allowed to:

-delete the cookie files

-block the cookies from being used in the future

In the Shop, cookies are used for:

-remembering User’s session information



-proper functionality of some of the Shop’s features

To know more about how to manage the cookie file, including how to turn them off, the user shall refer to help in their browser. Information of the sort can be accessed by pressing the F1 key within the browser. Additionally, extra details may be find on the following subpages, depending on the website used:




-Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge

If the user does not turn the usage of cookie files off within their browser, they automatically accept their usage.

More information regarding cookie files may be found on Wikipedia.


SmoothWizard is utilising third party subjects who may be recipients of personal data. The following is the list of such subjects:

-payment providers

-accounting office

-hosting provider

-subject supporting the optimisations of the Shop

-provider of the software supporting the business (e.g. accounting software)

-provider of the software required to run an online shopping platform


To use one of the rights regarding personal data as well as to ask any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact this e-mail adress:

[email protected]

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